Brian Elkington was born in northern Minnesota and spent his childhood among the lakes and woods of the canoe country near the Canadian border. He started playing guitar and wiring songs at age 17. He has played his original songs at some of America’s greatest venues, including Gerde’s Folk City in Greenwich Village and the Bluebird Café in Nashville.

As a student at Hamline University, Saint Paul, Minnesota, Brian met fellow musician Dan Mohs during a talent contest. The two became close friends and formed the duo, “Elkington Mohs”. They performed largely original songs all around the United States for 10 years, from New Mexico to California to Washington, Nashville and then back to Minnesota.
In the 1990s Brian married a Sydney girl and moved to Australia where he continued to write and play music. He was lucky enough to meet Michael McGlynn, who produced Brian’s solo album “A Mark in Time” (2004). On this album, Michael contributed his own exceptional musicianship as well as pulling together a very talented group of musicians. The album is a refreshing example of the best of the acoustic singer-songwriter genre, the songs reflecting on friends, family, home, accidental lovers and true love – poignantly familiar to us all.

Then in 2007, Dan made a trip Down Under so the two of them could record an Elkington Mohs album under the artistic direction of Michael. In “Winter Wine” (2008), Michael McGlynn has masterfully produced the 12 original songs, highlighting Brian and Dan’s harmonies and the talents of some of Australia’s finest musicians. The collection of songs includes several familiar to their fans from their troubadour years around the United States (Winter Wine, A Good Old Love, Bourbon Street Blues, A Fly in Amber) as well as several new songs with themes about our changing climate (Another Prayer for Rain), much needed hope for the current plight of our world (Overtures) and superb images of places (Snow in Saint Paul, Country Home and Midshipman’s Dream). All in all, it’s a unique collection of songs that have been superbly produced.

The most recent Elkington Mohs album, “Skyline Dancer” (2012), was recorded in Sydney, Australia (at recording studio, Vienna People, owned and managed by Michael McGlynn) as well as Boulder, Colorado (at Coupe Studios). The 11 original songs are another blend of familiar favourites (Skyline Dancer, Man from Crooked Lake, Evening in Tangier, Just Like You, and College Days) with the new and hauntingly beautiful, I Wonder; jazz-style, Swept Away, and several other new songs with captivating melodies and lyrics.
Brian and Dan continue to keep their music at the forefront of their planning – with further trips across the Pacific and albums to be made. Watch this space.